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On October 1, 2020 at the governor's services esplanade in Ngaoundéré, we were pleased to count among the recipients of the national honorary distinctions for May 20, 2020, Dr. AZIBE MAZRA, Director General of CAPHAVET.

Despite the COVID-19 incidence, which do not permit the ceremony to happen on the national day, the postponed party finally took place these days and the governor of the Adamaoua region, Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar seized the opportunity to decorate 47 meritorious men and women. Dr Azibé MAZRA received the medal of Knight of the Cameroonian National Order of Merit. This distinction rewards the services of a visionary leader who created many companies including CAPHAVET in 1993. He has positioned the latter against all odds, to become the leader in the importation and distribution of veterinary drugs and equipment in Cameroon. It took 27 years and we think He deserved the medal.

In his speech for the occasion, the governor call the recipients for increasing hard work in these terms: "I seize this opportunity to express my congratulations to you. These distinctions are a challenge for you to work hard. I urge you to stay on the course of excellence and always serve the Nation. Because more than ever, our country needs quality women and men to stay up”.  We believe in the case of Dr. AZIBE MAZRA that the governor is making the obvious known. In view of the tireless efforts the Director General of CAPHAVET is deploying every day to contribute to the development of the Cameroonian economy, the path is paved for an ascension towards even greater honorary distinctions. What we wish him joyfully!

Congratulation Mr. Director General and Knight of the Cameroonian National Order of Merit!